Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tony Moly GT03 Mars

Good Morning lovely Ladies!

Today I’m showing you Tony Moly GT03 Mars from Galaxy collection. I have seen Tony Moly reviews here and there, but I never was tempted enough to buy it. After I saw review of the new Tony Moly Glitters on The Polish Well blog, I immediately knew I should get them. So I additionally bought the whole Galaxy Collection..lol.

I purchase my beauties on Korean website Gmarket. To tell you the truth, I don’t understand almost 90% of what’s written there, but somehow I was able to order everything I needed and it was delivered in an excellent condition. The prices there are extremely low - around 3$ for the bottle of nail polish, but the shipping is expensive that raises the price almost twice.  
You can also find Tony Moly Galaxy collection on eBay. The price is $8-9 dollars depending on the seller.

Tony Moly Mars is a mix of dark brown and sparkly copper glitter. The polish is very pretty and definitely stands out. Mars was the least favorite of mine and quickly turned into one of the best polishes for me in the entire collection.

tony moly gt03 mars

tony moly gt03 mars swatches

tony moly gt03 mars swatches and review

tony moly galaxy collection gt03 mars swatch

tony moly gt03 mars galaxy collection


  1. Looks like that one wants to eat topcoat. :) I've not been brave enough to order from gmarket yet--now I'm very tempted.

    1. You are absolutely right!! I used 2 coats of top coat - no effect. Glitter ate it all...haha. I was afraid to order, I've heard packages are not packed properly and polished can break. But mine were nicely packaged. I ordered just because those ones I wanted were not on eBay at that time. I think eBay is a better alternative.

  2. This is gorgeous- I've seen so many awesome pictures of the Tony Moly polishes, and I'm always so tempted to order them. But I agree with Karen- it looks topcoat-hungry!

  3. Amazing, and such a unique color. I love it.

  4. And it looks sooo good on you!! :D