Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Manicure

My bright hopes that spring has finally came to Boston were ruined by today’s snow. I needed something positive, so I thought that bright peach Revlon would be quite appropriate for fighting with the dullness of the day J

I love this peach color. Reminds me of OPI Back to the Beach Peach that is so hard to find right now.
I used Konad white nail polish for design.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I WANTTTTTT!!! - OPI Pirates of Caribbean Collection

OMG, the Silver Shatter will be the part of the Pirates of Caribbean OPI collection. This one is definitely on my wishlist...but unfortunately it will be out only in May:(
Too long to wait.
Source: OPI Facebook Page
The whole collection also has some interesting shades:

Shades of Pirates of Caribbean:

Skull & Glossbones
Mermaid’s Tears
Steady as She Rose
Planks a Lot
Sparrow  Me the Drama
Stranger Tides
Silver Shatter
First 2 are definitely a must along with silver shatter;)


Recently I became quite obsessed about konading. Here's the design from M73 plate.
I used OPI St. Peterburgundy and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry for design.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Just got my hands on the 2 fabulous nail polishes from Nfu Oh. Unfortunately the distribution network of this brand sucks:( From what I was able to find, only FabulouStreet sells it. Besides a lot of amazing shades are sold out, like my highly desirable #51 from "Flakies" collection.
I've bought holographic #62 and #49 Flakies.

#62 is the most troublesome nail polish I have ever had. I read that it should be applied with Aqua base from Nfu oh, but I though it wouldn't be such a problem, so I didn't order it. 
I tried my standard Essie base coat I always use, but it was a nightmare.The coverage was uneven and with colorless spots. So I tried to use it without  base coat at all. It worked out, but the shine in the day light was not intense.
nfu oh duochrome swatch

Overall it is the brightest Holo I've had...SH Prism or CG  are far far behind. 
I will order Aqua base and compare the effect and coverage.

#49 - is a pink-orange flakie with hint of green under certain light. it's totally amazing, but a lot depends on the base color . I used Essie Angora Cardi as a base. Overall, it gives a thick coverage and dries slowly...but the result definitely worth it:)
nfu oh flakie 49

First Experience with vinyl toys - Zombie Munny

This is my first experiment with MunnyJ  - a Birthday present for my friend who asked for a zombie.  It turned up to be a really relaxing and pleasant experience, so I’m actually thinking to make one for myself

Friday, February 11, 2011

Leopard manicure

I have purchased so many new polishes last week that I have a hard time to choose which one to use next:))
Today,I decided to finally try out Chanel Gold Lame. I'm a huge fan of Chanel nail polishes, but this one is a disappointment.
Gold Lame is a very light copper-gold color. I think it is perfect for summer, but it is just not looking good on my snow-white skin.

I used Konad plate M57 to create a Leopard look and my old Dior Red Ebony.
 Ideally, I wanted to do it black, but I could find nail polishes in my collection with high opacity for Konading.
Any ideas?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sky Manicure

Inspired by Konadomania gradient manicure decided to try to do something similar.
I used OPI Suzi Says Fun Shui as a base and CG Secret Peri-Wrinkle on top to get "Sky" look

Here's what i've got:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl Review

My St. Valentine’s presents came a little early. But I could not resist opening my Chanel treatsJ)) So next couple of days are completely reserved by new Chanel nail polishes, and eye shadow kit.

Today’s review is about Chanel Black Pearl nail polish from Spring 2011 collection. The name of the polish is so true for the actual color. The moment I opened the box, I thought that the color is amazingly similar to Mikimoto’s black pearls.
Black Pearl has reach graphite base ( the closest comparison I could think of) with blue and green shimmer  that gives  luminous luster. With this said, only 2 coats are needed to get 100% opacity.

chanel black pearl swatches and review

On this photo you can see the green shimmer on the pinky..It is not normally so evident in the day light.
chanel black pearl nail polish
and day light photo:
chanel black pearl swatch

Monday, February 7, 2011

Orly Cosmic FX Collection – Galaxy Girl, Rocket Science and Space Cadet

These are 3 nail polishes I liked the most from the Cosmic FX collection.
 I don’t have many Orly polishes, because most of what I tired lasts less than 1 day on my nails, but I really love some of the colors from Matte Collection.

Polishes from Cosmic Collection are duo chromes - and most of them are very shiny. You have to apply 3 coats, because the opacity is really low, each layer is almost transparent. 

I was a little disappointed with Galaxy Girl. Overall, the color of the nail polish is close to burgundy with blue glitter particles included. It is really hard to see sparkles in the day light. 
orly galaxy girl swatch and review

orly cosmic fx collection galaxy girl

I added one coat of Chanel Azur over Galaxy girl for more blue shimmer:

orly galaxy girl with chanel azur
On the left: with Azur
On the right: with clear top coat 

Space Cadet and Rocket Science are my favorites from this collectionJ
I received a lot of compliments on Space Cadet. It’s really hard to photograph the real beauty and uniqueness of this nail polish – it’s extremely shiny and has a metallic finish.  This polish stole my heartJ
space cadet swatch

Rocket Science is an amazing green with hint of copper and gold. 
orly rocket science swatch

orly rocket science nail polish

Sorry for a lot of photos guys:))

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Manicure – Silver Stripes

I bought Sally Hansen nail art pen a while ago, but never actually used it, because I’m quite bad with nail art :).
I actually even forgot that I had one.
Today I found it and decided to give it a try. So, here’s SH nail art pen in Silver over Essie Sew Psyched.

 And more..

One good thing about this Art Pen that it can be easily removed with water without damaging base nail polish.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parfumerie Generale Cadjmere

Finally I received my long anticipated PG Cadjmere. I'm not a huge fan of  PG perfumes, most of them leave soapy drydown on me  that I don't like. But this one was love from the first sniff...and second...after that my tiny Luckyscent swatch vanished:)
This the coziest perfume I have ever had, probably will not be totally wearable in summer. For winter this is it....from the first second it wraps me like a fine cashmere shawl...immensely comfy and warm. Sitting in an armchair, watching snowflakes slowly falling down while drinking cappuccino...this would be the most appropriate atmosphere that comes to mind when i sniff Cadjmere. Harmonious and peaceful.....

Unlike many reviews I've read, I can't smell green and sharp notes in the opening. From me it's rich and creamy from the start to the end...with vanilla and rosewood note in the beginning. The drydown is woody sandalwood with the hint of almond powder. Cadjmere stays close to the's not for everyone to's very intimate.

PG Cadjmere Notes:
Myrthe branch, sap, red tangerine, rosewood, Kenyan cypress resin, coconut milk, ambrette seed, vanilla