Monday, January 31, 2011

OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam Collection Review & Swatches

I was very excited about Black Shatter coming out and was not dissapointed. It reminded me those old Crackle nail polishes os hard to find nowadays. I was hesitating about ordering Simply Smashing but decided to give it a try since I was looking for the "real" gold nail polish like Samantha's one in latest Sex and the City.

Here's  Black Shatter over Simply Smashing

 Black Shatter: I really like the  lava effect that this top gives. But for the better effect this nail polish should be applied to completely dry base polish, otherwise the crackles will be too huge. I will definitely experiment with it more
Simply Smashing: This is a little different gold that I hoped for, but still very pretty color. Greenish gold with metallic finish.

Overall the combination of these two is nice, but after trying Black Shatter over OPI Hot &Spicy I would definitely experiment more with bright polishes.
I wish the crackles were not that huge though and had more square shape.
 Any ideas how this result can be achieved???? I would appreciate any tips...:)

First Blog Post

Soooo...i'm officially here. Finally the blogosphere.
I have been thinking about my personal blog for a while and here I am:)
So let me actually introduce myself:
I'm Russian, but I live in Boston for quite a while now. I work in Tech and yes, I'm quite a geek.
But I also crazy nail polish and niche perfume freak.
I also love shoes and pretty little things...and about all these thing I will write on my blog.

I hope you will find something interesting and enjoy reading my blog:)