Friday, August 31, 2012

Indie Polish Alert: A Rhyming Dictionary

Hi everyone,
Today I’m going to show you one of the great Indie Brands on Etsy: A Rhyming Dictionary. Morgan, the owner of the store and the creator of the polishes takes her inspiration from the Oz books. She has more than 25 quite diverse polishes, mostly glitters of all kinds (you know I have a soft spot for glitters:)).
You can check her entire collection on Etsy here or on A Rhyming Dictionary Facebook Page. Polishes cost 7.50$. You can also order any polish in mini size for $3.50.

So, today's spotlight polishes are: White Pearl, Kaliko and Kaliko II.

White Pearl is not exactly white. It’s a light blue cream base with grey undertones and slight pearl shimmer. I really like the shimmer idea as I mentioned in some previous reviews; it really evens out the tone of the nail polish and makes the application  process (in terms of color and streaks) easier. Polish also contains blue, green, red, yellow and silver glitter of various sizes. It reminds me of P&P Jawbreaker mixed with Lynnderella’s Gotta Love Brains. The application is easy; the texture is on the thinner side;I used 3 coats for the full opacity.

a rhyming dictionary white pearl swatches and review
a rhyming dictionary white pearl nail polish swatch
a rhyming dictionary white pearl swatch and review

Kaliko is a silver, black and rich purple shard glitter. It is a top coat and should be used with the colored base. I used A-England Galahad as a base. This is my first shard glitter; I know it’s quite popular now, but somehow I never had an urge to buy it, because I thought it will look unattractive on small and short nails. Well, I had to change my opinion. It looks great and created a quite unique effect on the nails. My favorite part about this polish is the purple glitter; it really stands out on the nails and adds the “surprise” factor. The application is easy – 2 coats are enough. This polish dries very fast.

a rhyming dictionary kaliko nail polish swatch
a rhyming dictionary kaliko swatch and review
a rhyming dictionary swatches kaliko nail polsih

Kaliko II is also a shard glitter, but it has a red jelly base. The glitter is bloody red and bright turquoise. I love the turquoise part. As you can see from the picture it’s almost neon. Got a lot of compliments about my nails wearing Kaliko II.

a rhyming dictionary kaliko 2 swatches and review
a rhyming dictionary Kaliko 2 nail polish
a rhyming dictionary kaliko II swatches and review

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nails Inc. Sweets Way Sprinkles

Hi Girls,

I hope everyone’s summer is going well 

Today I’m showing you one of the polishes from Nails Inc. Sprinkles collection. Although I prefer to buy glitters from the indie brands, I couldn’t resist. Nails Inc. surprised me with the simplicity and originality at the same time. All the polishes are just “yummy” and color combination is great.

Sweets Way Sprinkles is a beige cream base with light blue, pink and silver glitter. Glitter particles are not as sparkly as in other polishes, so it creates a subtle, but colorful pastel statement. Color combination makes the polish wearable almost for all occasions.

I used 2 coats for the full opacity. The polish is a bit thick due to the abundance of glitter, but it applies evenly and dries fast.

nails inc. sweets way sprinkles swatches and review

sweets way sprinkles nails inc. swatches

nails inc. sweets way sprinkles review and swatch