Monday, March 5, 2012

Nerd Lacquer Crunchy Frog

Yay!!! I finally got my order from Nerd Lacquer. I waited for more than 2 weeks, but it was definitely worth the wait. All the polishes are amazing. The colors and the quality are superb. If I didn’t know I wouldn’t even say that it is an indie-brand. The coverage is flawless. 

 I like layering nail polishes sometimes, but mostly I’m too busy to experiment on the weekdays. All Nerd Lacquer polishes have colorful non-transparent base making it perfect for layering with one coat and also beautiful on its own with 2-3 coats.  

Today I’m showing you Crunchy Frog. It’s a shimmery cappuccino base coat with metallic finish. It contains green and light gold particles of different sizes.
nerd lacquer crunchy frog swatches and review

nerd lacquer crunchy frog

nerd lacquer crunchy frog swatches

nerd lacquer crunchy frog glitter nail polsih

crunchy frog nail polish close view


  1. Helena,
    Crunchy Frog is one of my favorites, but Nerd lacquer has a very cool nail polish line. There're a lot of very interesting polishes.

  2. i would love to buy or trade anyone for crunchy frog!!!!! I have tons of indies!!!!!!

  3. Such a pretty polish!!
    Though I wonder, where did you get your nerds? I heard that the seller has left etsy long long ago :(

    1. I got my polishes when they were still available directly from Nerd lacquer. You can only find them on eBay now, but the prices are unrealistically high.

    2. Ahhh! How lucky for you! By the time I found out about indie polishes and found that they do ship international there was quite a few sellers that have stopped production :(

    3. Although I have quite a lot of Nerds, I'm still looking to get them somewhere. I haven't found anything with acceptable pricing so far.
      Etsy sells a lot of great indie brands, I think a lot of them ship internationally.

    4. Yup! I love etsy for that! Though there are quite a few brands that do not ship internationally :( I shall wait for a friend to come back and bring them along for me! haha