Friday, March 30, 2012

Alessandro 513 Street Wear - International Nail Polish

I’m a huge fan of Alessandro hand care – hand creams, serums and 2-phase peeling are beyond amazing! However, I this was the first time I tried Alessandro nail polish.

Street Wear is a violet gold shimmer with pink undertones. It’s very classy and absolutely stunning. I was impressed with the formula: the application was smooth and dry time is less than a minute.

Alessandro is a German brand. Unfortunately it is not available in US (cries...), but is widely accessible in Europe and Asia. It can also be found in one Quebec. I rarely recommend nail and hand care products, because the preferences are different. But, seriously, if you come across this brand anywhere, try their Hands Up! Line. It is amazing.

alessandro 513 street wear

alessandro 513 street wear swatches

alessandro 513 street wear swatches and review

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