Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nails Inc. The Old Vic Collection swatches

This is one more pleasant surprise I’ve got for Xmas. I think most of the girls who read my blog or follow me on Twitter know that I’m slightly obsessed with flakies. I had most of the colors except blue.

The Old Vic Collection consists of 2 polishes:

- Teal Black Kensington ( black crème);
- The Wyndham Top Coat ( blue flakie );

You can find more info along with other flakie collections on Sephora website.

I love The Wyndham Top Coat, it creates beautiful effect, especially with 2 coats, but Kensington is nothing special and can be easily substituted with any nail polish.

As it’s a holiday set I get why both of them are sold together, but it would be really nice if Nails Inc. also released separate versions of flakies.

nails inc. the old vic collection swatches and review

nails inc. the old vic collection

- The Wyndham flakie nail polish swatches

nails inc. black kensington and the wyndham top coat flakie

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