Monday, January 2, 2012

Nail Inc. Houses of Parliament Magnetic Nail Polish

Hey Girls,

I hope your New Year celebration was great and you all had amazing manicures (hehe

Today’s post is about Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament magnetic nail polish. This is the second one I have from Nails Inc. magnetic collection. I also grey Trafalgar Square which I love as much as this one.

This is a “miracle” polish it dries very fast and requires only one coat! The magnet is attached to the nail polish cap and is very strong. The only thing I regret is that they could do more magnets of different shapes. Currently it’s only possible make a chevron pattern with it.

Houses of Parliament is a beautiful purple shade that transforms into the purple-black chevron. You can use it with the dark base or by itself. If you will apply more than 1 coat, the pattern will be a little less prominent.

nails inc. magnetic nail polish houses of parliament swatches and review

nails inc. houses of parliament swatches

Overall, Nails Inc. magnetic polishes are of a really good quality and the cost is reasonable, compared to the other brands. I saw it only at Sephora stores on the  website.


  1. i like both trafalgar square and houses of parliament but i bought a set of them which also included a gold one... the gold one was HIDEOUS. really horrible!! :(

  2. Unnaked Nails,
    I thought it was It's good to know that it's horrible..thanks. I was going to buy it, but I already got 3 China Glaze magnetic polishes.