Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Golden Rose Burgundy Holographic

I didn’t think that I would actually have enough pink nail polishes for more than 2-3 Pink Wednesdays. Turned out I have a lot more..

This is another Golden Rose Holographic that I recently bought – Burgundy 108. This company really surprises me with the quality of the polish compared to the price. To my regret I already own enough other holographic polishes to cover most of their shade palette.

Burgundy is a dark wine pink holographic nail polish that have a lot of holo particles. The formula is better than that of some of the much more expensive well-known brands. It has a smooth finish, quite pigmented formula and doesn’t chip at least for 2-3 days.

golden rose holographic nail polish 108 burgundy

golden rose holographic burgundy 108

You can find my other Golden Rose Holographic polish swatches and  reviews here and here.


  1. I love this!!! I'm glad to hear that the holographic polishes coming out lately have a much better formula than their predecessors. I did a Hits holo today, the fomula was seriously outstanding! No more chippy, hard to work with holos!

  2. Wow this is stunning! I've been wanting to try these holos for a while now! Gorgeous!

  3. Jacqui,
    I will be ordering some HITS Holos soon....they are all lovely:)


    Golden Rose is worth the price, I'm surprised with their quality. I usually order Eveline stuff for the body on the website and always pick some polishes as an addition..hehe.

  4. I looovvveee Golden Rose too, Cheers!