Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection Purple Blue Dupe - Orly Galaxy Girl

Hi Everyone!

Purple Blue is another nail polish that I got from Beetlejuice collection. When I already received it I had the feeling that I saw this color and finish somewhere else. So I searched my stash and…aha….Orly Galaxy Girl from Cosmic FX collection.

models own beetlejuice purple blue dupe orly galaxy girl

Galaxy Girl is the only nail polish I was disappointed in from that collection. I expected it to be a duochrome, but it turned out to be more of a tiny glitter polish. So, today you will see the result of my curiosity to compare these two. Let’s start from the overview;

Purple Blue has a dark purple base with a hint of burgundy with blue, purple and pink shimmer particles. It doesn’t have a flawless pearl finish like other Beetlejuice nail polishes.

In the bottle Galaxy Girl and Puple Blue look strikingly similar. But in reality, Purple Blue is everything I wanted Galaxy Girt to be. It is a duochrome, but not a simple glitter polish. It actually changes color under the certain light, whereas Galaxy Girl remains quite boring.

Models owns Purple Blue and Orly Galaxy Girl Comparison

beetlejuice purple blue duochrome and cosmic fx orly galaxy girl comaprison


  1. Well, I have been wanting Galaxy Girl since they came out last year but now I think I can skip it and just get my Purple Blue instead. They are both stunning polishes though =) Thanks for the comparison!

  2. Jacqui,

    Galaxy Girl is more beautiful in the bottle than on the nails. Purple Blue is much more interesting, so you will not loose much if you prefer it to Galaxy Girl.