Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nabi New Blue Glitter Swatches and Review

My Icelandic Beauty friend has got me this polish as present from one of her trips. I have never seen this brand neither in US not in Europe. I found Getcha Nails Did 2009 review of these polishes and some of them on eBay (what cannot be found there?). Apparently Nabi has a huge palette of colors and textures. You can check it on company’s website here.

New Blue Glitter is a mixture of pearl light green base and blue, green and holo glitter of different shapes. It’s an adorable polish with personality.  It’s definitely more interesting in the sunshine when you can see pearly finish and sparkling glitter.
Nail polish definitely has blue undertones, but to my eye it's more green with a hint of grey than blue.
What do you think?

nabi new blue glitter swatches

nabi new blue glitter nail polish


  1. Dana,
    Right? I like long glitter particles in it...reminds me of my childhood polishes:)