Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bobbi Brown Cool Holiday 2011 Eye Palette

Hey Everyone,

You know that I usually don’t write about make up, although I’m as obsessed with it as with nail polishes. I just thought I’d share, because when I was looking for the grey palette I couldn’t find many swatches of this one.

I don’t have Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, but I have read a lot of good reviews about this brand, so I thought I’d try. There’re 6 eye shadows of different finishes: pearl, metallic and matte.

Bobbi Brown Cool Party Eye Palette Shades:
• White Eye Shadow
• Iced Blue Metallic Eye Shadow
• Rockstar Metallic Eye Shadow
• Sterling Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
• Gunmetal Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
• Onyx Sparkle Eye Shadow

This is probably the first time I will use each and every one of these eye shadow. The whole palette is very universal. The quality is really good and I like the brush, but I can’t say that it’s the best eye shadow that I ever had. Maybe I’m too addicted to Dior, it’s a little more pigmented and vibrant. 
The brush that is included in the set is a magic maker. I rarely blend shades, but it work perfectly and makes it so easy. On the other hand, I found it hard to blend shades with any other brushes.

Overall, this palette is a nice gift and definitely will be appreciated. It also awesome for traveling. I generally love various shades of grey and taupe eye shadow, so it's perfect for me. For somebody who like to use more diverse color this probably is not worth 45$.

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