Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Golden Rose Holographic Iced Latte swatches and comparison with OPI DS Design

I already swatched Black holographic Golden Rose here. I bought Iced Latte as well. It’s a nice neutral holo, perfect for office manicure, but quite shiny to notice it. Good color overall, but I also have OPI DS Design and I will compare these two in this post as well.

golden rose iced latte swatches and review

Frankly speaking, I didn’t see that much of a difference. Golden Rose formula is thicker than OPI, but application is quite easy as well. OPI is a little bit shinier, but difference is barely noticeable. The only major difference is that DS Design is much more durable (4-5 days) than Golden Rose (2-3 days), but that what you would normally expect from OPI nail polishes and huge difference in price.

In terms of color, Iced Latte is closer to cold color palette and OPI Design has obvious nude/brown undertones. In the natural daylight the difference in color is slightly noticeable, but in artificial light (lamps) you can actually see that these two are not the same.

golden rose iced latte and OPI DS design comparison

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