Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NIC’s Sticks Review and Swatches

Hi Ladies,

I don’t know how many of you have actually seen these nail polish pens. I found NIC’s sticks in TJ Maxx and , frankly speaking, I have  never seen this brand before.  5$ for 6 polishes was definitely worth trying it out.

NIC’s Sticks is an OPI brand. I suspect it is discontinued, because I wasn’t able to find any info anywhere.  All polishes come in a pen and quite easy to apply (remind me of Sally Hansen Nail Color Pens). The dry time is very fast too.

NIC's sticks by OPI review and swatches

My set included:
- Silver-ella
- Rainbow's end
- Dash into the dark
- I’m on deadline
- Are we there yet

Overall, I have mixed feeling about NIC’s Sticks:

On the one hand, holographic nail polish are amazing quality and really easy to apply, dry extremely fast and don’t chip for 4 days.

On the other hand, darker cream shades are pain in the *ss to apply. The brush is horrible and scratches the nail leaving streaks of color. Even 3 coats will not give you opaque color. Besides, the formula is watery, so the whole process of painting and removing nail polish from cuticles is quite messy. This is a pity, because the colors are gorgeous.

Silver-ella is a silver holographic nail polish. Super-shiny and vibrant color.

nic's sticks silver-ella swatches

Rainbow's End is another holo - golden one.
nic's sticks rainbow's end swatches

I’m on Deadline is one of my favorites in terms of color. Purple-blue shimmer with a hint of duochrome finish. I needed 4 coats to get what you see in the picture. As you might guess, it never dried fully, I had to remove it.
nic's sticks I'm on a deadline swatches

Dash into the Dark - almost black burgundy, very pigmented. If you look closer you will be able to see streaks. It was also hard to remove it from cuticles...ehhh.
nic's sticks Dash into the dark swatches

Overall, if you see a set NIC’s Sticks with holographic polishes, definitely go for it, you won’t regret for this price. Otherwise, I would not recommend buying it.

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