Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink Wednesday – Revlon Starry Pink Matified

Hi Beauties!

This Wednesday I’m wearing Revlon Starry Pink. I’m sure you have already seen a lot of swatches of it, so I decided to modify it somehow…I mean matify..:D

I absolutely love this nail polish and I spent weeks to chase it down in my local drugstore. But I already mentioned on couple of blogs several times about Revlon strategy to rename best-selling polishes from limited collections and release them right after limited editions. And I can say it once again…I Don’t Like It…no, let me be more frank…
I Hate It!!! 

To end on the positive note, I would say Revlon Popular is similar to Starry Pink. And if anyone didn’t get a change to buy’s available in many drugstore or on Ulta. I’m also holding an 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway with 2 Popular nail Polishes as Prizes here.

revlon starry pink swatches and review

Revlon starry pink popular dupe swatches

revlon starry pink
Natural Light
Revlon popular swatches
Natural light


  1. Jen Sky Walker,
    yay! Good choice for Pink Wednesday, right?