Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Bourjois 1 Seconde #2 Nameless Nail Polish

The name of this post says it all. I really don’t know what is the name of this Bourjois nail polish. I don’t even think any of them have names. There’s only #2 label on the bottle. So, let’s call it #2.

This is 1 Seconde nail polish that is supposed to dry in less than 1 minute ( 50 seconds if to be precise).You can see all the shades here.

In general, I’m very disappointed with it. It doesn’t dry in 1 minute, not even in 2. The application is streaky, maybe because of the specifics of this color.
The color itself is nice, but the brush is way too wide and it’s hard not to paint the cuticle.

bourjois 1 secunde nail polish #2 swatches

bourjois 1 secunde nail polish #2

bourjois 1 secunde nail polish #2 swatches and review


  1. Bourjois makeup goodies I've tried so far were awesome, but I've never tried polishes. It's a shame if this polish is so bad, the color is so beautiful!

  2. I like the quality of Bourjois makeup. Actually it is one of the brands that Chanel own, so a lot of the same technologies and ingredients are used in both brands:)
    I just didn't like the quality of this nail polish. Maybe other ones are better. I tried 2 so far and I didn't like them both.