Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chanel Tulipe Noire

Tulipe Noire is one of those classic Chanel shades that you just can’t pass by. It’s a rich blackened burgundy with gold shimmer. It has a slight metallic touch to it, but not too much. Tulipe Noire is one of the rare burgundy polishes I really like, but it’s more of a fall/winter polish.

The nail polish is very pigmented and one coat gives an opaque coverage. I used 2 coats, just in case:) It is also very glossy. The formula is smooth and easy to apply.

For me, Tulipe Noire has one significant downside: During the removal process it leaves red streaks and colors the cuticles. It’s not a big problem, because the streaks are easily removed with a clean cotton pad. It is still annoying.

chanel tulipe noire

chanel tulipe noire swatches and review

chanel tulipe noir swatches