Monday, February 20, 2012

International Nail Polish: PUPA 402, 800, 905 swatches

PUPA nail polish is something that you can’t find in US. At least I haven’t seen it in Massachusetts. It is a really cool Italian brand that is famous for their fancy colorful all-in-one make up palettes. They also have a nail polish line. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a lot of colors that I don’t already have, but I got 3 shimmery glitters. All 3 polishes have the same small silver glitter dust, but the base colors are different.

The formula is super pigmented and 1 coat is enough for the full opacity. It is also very shiny and long-lasting. At first, I thought that I had mini versions of the nail polishes, but I guess all of their polishes are so small (only 5ml). These polishes are on a thicker side, so they are perfect for stamping.

If you see PUPA somewhere, I would definitely recommend trying it out. You won’t regret.
Unfortunately, PUPA nail polishes don’t have names, so I will name it by their numbers.

402-Purple shimmer with silver dust. It's a deep purple shimmer with slight burgundy undertones.
pupa nail polish 402 swatches and review

pupa nail polish 402 swatches

pupa nail polish-402 purple shimmer

800-Navy blue shimmer with silver dust. This polish is my favorite of 3. It is a pretty close dupe to my long wished Chanel Nuit De Russie that is impossible to find anymore.

pupa 800 nail polish swatches and review

pupa 800 nail polish swatches

pupa 800 nail polish navy blue shimmer

905- Black/Brown shimmer with silver dust glitter. The finish is very similar to the L’oreal Night Owl. The only difference is the color of the glitter.

pupa 905 nail polish swatches and review

pupa 905 nail polish swatches

pupa 905 nail polish black shimmer

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