Monday, February 6, 2012

China Glaze Prismatic Part 2 - Ray-diant and Prism

Hey Ladies,
On Friday I posted the swatches of Liquid Crystal from Prismatic collection. You can find swatches here.
So far, Liquid Crystal is the one that I liked the most, in terms of the color and duochrome effect.
Ray-diant and Prism are also interesting, but the base is silver, so it creates a less interesting effect.

Ray-diant is the silver-grey glitter with larger glitters of different colors. It really doesn’t show the chrome effect too much. The polish is mostly silver in artificial light and light metallic green in the daylight.

china glaze prismatic ray-diant swatches and review

china glaze ray-diant swatches

china glaze prismatic ray-diant

china glaze prismatic ray-diant close view

Prism is the silver-purple glitter. It also has multiple larger glitters of gold, silver, pink, green and blue colors. All of the polishes from Prismatic collection have the same large glitter particles; the base is the only thing that differs. I generally like everything lilac and purple, so I had to pick it up as well.

china glaze prismatic collection prism

china glaze prismatic collection prism swatches

china glaze prismatic collection prism swatches and review

china glaze prism close view

Overall, I can’t say that I was disappointed with the Prismatic collection, but I just wasn’t very excited or impressed either. The polishes are very nice, but the texture and finish do not differ greatly from the Eye Candy Collection to me. I didn’t see WOW duochrome effect that I wanted to see. It’s nice to have couple of the polishes, but I wouldn’t recommend buying the whole collection.


  1. very cool collection, I'd love to try it!

  2. MaddyBlatt,
    maybe I will be giving away couple of the polishes from this collection, so you will have the chance to try it. I haven't decided yet though:)