Monday, August 15, 2011

Priti NYC non-toxic nail polish swatches and review: Bachelor’s Buttons and Lace Aloe

Priti NYC is a nail polish discovery in some ways for me. Although the brand was launched in 2005, I have never heard of it before and probably wouldn’t hear if Ideeli didn’t have a 50% of sale on these beauties.

It is a 3-free non-toxic nail polish. Priti NYC has a huge variety of colors; you can check it on their website here. Some of the colors though are not quite well depicted on the pictures. At least 2 of 5 that I ordered look a little different, but they are still gorgeous.

Although the concept of the eco-friendly nail polish is similar to Scotch Naturals (You can find review and swatches here and here), the implementation is the opposite. Priti nail polish feel, smell and are applied in the same way as usual nail polish we all got used to. The formula is a little thinner than that of other brands, so 3 coats are needed to reach opacity.

I will start with 2 of my favorites: Bachelor’s Buttons and Lace Aloe.

Bachelor’s Buttons is a dark blue crème nail polish, described as “classic blue collar” on Priti website. Although on the picture it had visible purple undertones, it has no purple when applied on the nails.

priti nyc bachelor's buttons swatches

bachelor's buttons pritinyc nail polish

priti nyc nail polish non-toxic swatches bachelor's buttons

Lace aloe is a gorgeous green with some small silver glitter in it. It’s quite a strange one. In the day light it is a dark green and looks a lot like aloe. But in the bright artificial light it become bright green with a hint of duochrome.

lace aloe priti nyc swatches

priti nyc non-toxic nail polish lace aloe

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