Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BUTTER London Wallis swatches and review

BUTTER London Wallis is a Nordstrom exclusive. I hesitated a lot before buying it, because from some swatches on the web and magazine covers it appeared to be very close to Chanel Peridote. It turned out to be completely different. For the note, Wallis is a part of Butter London Fall/Winter 2011 collection, that is quite uninteresting to my taste except this nail polish and No More Waity, Katie (swatches are here)

Wallis is a dark olive with a lot of gold. It reminds me of ancient bronze statutes with green/black patina. It is something that I really would want to see in OPI Simply Smashing. The color is very hard to describe – the base is dark olive with some black undertones. Nail polish also has a lot of gold in it….it is not glitter, the finish is closer to shimmer, but golden particles are quite visible.

The beauty of Wallis is very hard to photograph as well, I tried my best, but it still doesn’t depict the real finish. (Sorry, the pinky is quite messed up in the last photoJ)

butter London Wallis swatches and review

Fall 2011 Butter london wallis nordstrom exclusive

butter london wallis
Natural daylight


  1. KarenD,

    true,I love it. It is definitely very different from the similar ones i saw before