Monday, April 25, 2011

Scotch Naturals nail polish swatches and review

I know that I’m late, but Happy Easter to Everyone!!!

Today’s review is about Scotch Naturals – eco-friendly nail polishes I recently found out about. The parcel was delivered really fast, so I had a chance to actually wear Ceasefire – one of the shades – on the Earth dayJ

Frankly speaking, I didn’t know what to expect from these “Watercolors’. Yeah…the formula consists only of water, acrylic polymer emulsion and some non-toxic colorants.

When I opened the box I thought maybe I received some old polishes. As you will see on some pictures the color fluctuation in the bottle are obvious. In regular nail polishes it happens when is not used for a while and quite old. But in this case I think it’s is due to the water base. The color of the actual nail polish in the bottle is completely fine though.


I received small brochure with the polishes. It’s advised to buff some jojoba oil!!! before applying nail polish if you have dry or parched nails. Otherwise nail polish may chip.

I would say rare person has perfectly hydrated and healthy nails and I’m not exclusion as well. I didn’t add jojoba, but I buffed my nails before the application.

The formula is very “watery”. But it dried very fast, just in couple of minutes. I used 2 coats. It feels like nails are breathing underneath nail polish. It's less shiny though.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the nail polish, although it’s very different. I think because of the formula, it’s impossible to use it for the nail art, but as a standalone product – the quality is good.  I although think it takes more time to apply it, but it’s my personal opinion. it's just really hard to compare this nail polish with regular ones. 

I’m wearing Ceasefire since Friday and it chipped only today.


As I mentioned in my previous post about Scotch Naturals here, I bought Cocktail Trio. It also comes with the special nail Polish remover that works for regular nail polishes as well (quite a cool stuff!!).

First, about the “miracle” Soy Polish Remover – it’s an amazing stuff. I don’t know what ingredients are there, but definitely no acetone. It’s oily and when you remove the nail polish, you automatically hydrate and nourish nails and cuticles. I haven’t tried it yet on the regular nail polishes, but I hope it will work well too. I didn’t need to apply extra cuticle oil after removing the polish. There’s one downside though… it’s quite pricey - $11 per bottle.

So, I ordered 3 nail polishes: Hot Toddy, Lochness Mystery and Ceasefire (my favorite oneJ)

Hot Toddy is a dark brown, chocolate color. Nothing special to me.

Scotch naturals Hot toddy swatch

Scotch naturals Hot toddy swatches and review

Lochness Mystery is a lovely turquoise. Under natural light it’s more greenish.

Scotch naturals Lochness mystery swatch

Scotch naturals Lochness mystery swatches and review

Ceasefire is dark olive, green moss. I’m completely in love with it. It reminds me of some Butter London color (I can’t remember the name) that was instantly sold out. It’s quite a unique color – I haven’t seen so many dupes for it.


Scotch naturals Ceasefire swatch

Scotch naturals Ceasefire swatches and review



  1. I think you are thinking about RBL No More War.
    Lochness is a beautiful color!
    Thanks for the swatches

  2. cmp381,
    Thanks:) I completely forgot the name and the's RBL for sure.
    I think Illamasqua Hectic is also quite the same.
    Lochness is a little darker in reality.

  3. Now that it's been some time, how do you feel about these polishes? Did they last long/wear well? Would you buy them again?


  4. Annie,
    I really like the concept and the nail polishes. I think I will buy some more if I like the color.
    Overall, they wear quite well, but chip a little faster than the usual ones and you have to buff the nails before application every time. But I really didn't expect the polish to stay too long because it's watery and all natural.
    On the website though it is said that if you use it frequently it will stay longer with time:)

  5. Good to know! Thanks for your response :)

  6. I got Ceasefire last year and loved it for a while but after a couple months the base colors separated out and no amount of shaking would get it blend again. Had to throw it out. Boo :(