Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 Peridote Swatches and Review

In my opinion, Peridote is the most amazing shade from all Fall 2011 collection.
I absolutely love semi-precious stones and I have some jewelry with peridote, so when I ordered this nail polish I expected for something a little different.

Chanel Peridote is a royal version of the stone. It has more gold and yellow undertones than a real stone. But it is definitely a lovely color. Overall, Peridote is a duochrome. I wear it for 4 days already and it didn't chip or faded in color. The dry time is a little long though, but it's true for most of the Chanel nail polishes. And this "precious jem" is definitely worth the wait.

I would recommend to apply top coat, because like with the case of Graphite (review is here) layers of the nail polish are very thin and all imperfections of the nail like ridges or chipping will be apparent. Top coat hides it.

chanel peridote nail polish

chanel fall 2011 peridote swatches and review

chanel peridote swatches


  1. looks really neat... i dont think i can afford a chanel hehehehe .. btw i nominated you for some awards...

  2. Polish AMOR,
    I do not buy Chanel often right now too.Most of the times you can find something similar but much cheaper:)))) This is not the case though...

    Thanks for the awards:)