Thursday, June 9, 2011

BUTTER London Chancer – Swatches and Review

I wouldn’t say Chancer is a unique color. I have seen almost similar ones. The one that I can remember is Nubar Fire Sparkle.

Chancer is a deep red with red glitter particles of medium size. When I was removing nail polish I found out that sparkles are actually silver, but you would never say it on the nailJ. Overall the quality of the nail polish is good. I can’t say that it’s super long-lasting, but it stays on the nails without chipping for couple of days.

Glitter is not very sparkly in Chancer, so I would recommend using gloss/shine top coat. It’s easy to apply, but hard to remove. But that’s true for all glitter nail polishesJ

butter london chancer swatches and review

butter london chancer swatch

 Photos can't reflect the actual charm of Chancer, it's a really pretty color:)

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