Friday, April 22, 2011

Color Club Revvvolution review and swatches. Black holographic nail polish comparison.

Color Club Revvvolution – amazing black holo nail polish. I love it from application to special holo finish.  Only one coat is needed for full opacity and the effect is super shiny and sparkly.

This color is something that OPI failed to include in their holographic DS Series collection. I have My Private Jet as well, but application and finish is so different from Color Club. 

Color club revvvolution swatches and review

Color Club revvvolution swatch

I have 3 black holographic polishes so far: Golden Rose-118, OPI My Private Jet (brownish black) and CC Revvvolution.

 I decided to make a comparison is they are different or not. It turns out to be…Yes.

color club revvvolution, OPI my private jet and golden rose comparison

black holographic nail polish comparison

My Private Jet  is definitely more brown than black. I applied 3 coats to get what you see on the pics.

CC Revvvolution – is charcoal black and has more blue sparkles. It’s also more shiny than the others.

Golden Rose 118- is somewhere in the middle, It’s a true black without any grey undertones.
Under artificial light it’s almost impossible to see the difference between Color Club and Golden Rose, but in natural light – Color Club is much more sparkly than the latter.

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