Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Revlon Not So Blueberry Swatches

I couldn’t pass up this new beauty from Revlon. The color is pretty unique.
Not So Blueberry - is a new shade in Revlon’s scented nail polish collection. But don’t try to sniff it right from the bottle….it smells awfully… a mix of chemicals and acetone. But when nail polish dries, the blueberry smell is much better, although it still smells a little like…hmmm…yeah….chemicals. As long as you have this nail polish on your nails, be prepared to be able to smell it every second you have your hand close to face…it lasts long.

As I mentioned couple of times in my previous posts, I’m quite impressed with the quality of Revlon’s polishes. Not so Blueberry didn’t disappoint me as well…application is easy, it stays on without chipping for a long time and the color is amazing.

In the bottle it seems like a duo chrome, although it’s not exactly the one….under artificial light nail polish is more purple and under natural daylight it’s more blue.
revlon not so blueberry swatches and review

revlon not so blueberry

not so blueberry nail polish review

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