Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Nubar Charmeuse

Hello Girls,

I have to stock up on pinks, because I’ running out and it’s only a second week. I’m not a big pink fan, so I don’t have that many J

Today’s Pink Wednesday I celebrate with Nubar Charmeuse – probably the most perfect subtle pink-mauve I have ever seen. I was searching for this particular shade for a long time, but all nail polishes I have in this shade are not exactly what I wanted. 

The flower decal I used is the most annoying thing ever. The corners just don’t stick to the nail even with the glue and top coat.  But on the other hand, what can you expect if you buy a huge pack of those for a cheapest price ever.

nubar charmeuse swatch

nubar charmeuse swatches and review

nubar charmeuse


  1. Love these mauvey pinks. This shade looks similar to China Glaze fifth avenue :)

  2. Thanks Marta,
    I think this one is a little lighter in shade than CG, but definitely very close