Monday, September 26, 2011

Chanel Or de Russie and Feu de Russie

Or de Russie and Feu de Russie were in my wish list for a long long time. Unfortunately, back then, I lived in Moscow and ironically this collection was sold only in one place, TSUM. When I got there…it was already sold out.

Because Moscow Collection was a limited edition, the prices on eBay are just crazy, starting from $80. Sincerely, I’m not ready to pay that much money for a bottle of nail polish. So I really did not expect to ever have neither of these beauties.

I was actually searching for vintage Chanel Cuir de Russie perfume on eBay and as a coincidence found an auction for Or de Russie and Feu de Russie starting only $22. I couldn’t believe my eyes – it was cheaper than average price for ordinary nail polishes of $29.

Luckily enough I was the only bidder…couldn’t believe that the polishes are real until I got them J
And here they are:

Or de Russie  is a beautiful antique gold. It has olive and black undertones.

chanel or de russie moscow collection

chanel or de russie limited edition swatches and review

chanel paris-moscow collection or de russie swatch

Feu de Russie is a black based burgundy sparkle. It has a highly pigmented formula so camera can not depict the whole beauty of this gorgeous shade.

chanel feu de russie swatches

chanel paris moscow collection feu de russie swatch

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