Thursday, September 29, 2011

Following Fall 2011 Nude Trend with Timeless Shades: Orly Blushalicious

Hey Beauties!

I found Orly Blushalicious in my stash lately, and I thought that this nail polish that I bought at least 3 years ago is not only timeless due to the subtle and very preserved shade, but also quite trendy this Fall.

For the fans of nude and beige nail polishes Blushalicious is a definite must-have. For girls like me, who prefers more dark and rich shades, this polish will anyways be a quite nice addition.

Orly Blushalicious is anything but boring nude/beige. From the distance it might seem to be a beige crème, but in a closer look the peach/gold shimmer is apparent. This shimmer makes this polish interesting.

orly blushalicious nude nail polish

orly blushalicious

Daylight Photo:

orly blushalicious swatches and review

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