Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kleancolor Week Day 4. Purple Chunky Holo

I’m back to purples again.

This time OPI topped with Purple Chunky Holo. From the first site it might seem that this holo is very close to the Bluebell that I swatched earlier this week. It’s not…at all. Purple chunky Holo has mostly yellow and red glitter, no blue and green. It is definitely a lovely one and perfectly goes with purple base.

P.S. I'm trying to redesign the blog, so it might be down for some.

kleancolor purple chunky holo top coat

kleancolor purple chunky holo nail polish swatches

kleancolor purple chunky holo


  1. This is my favorite so far. I keep googling swatches and I am eventually going to haul some of these Kleancolors.

  2. Thalie...this is my favorite too, except maybe black holo and bluebell. They are all gorgeous.

  3. Thanks for following my blog! So which OPI did you use under this Kleancolor?

  4. :)
    I used Louve me Louvre me not.