Monday, March 28, 2011

China Glaze Fall 2011 - Metro Collection

Sometimes I wonder if competing brands actually plan their collections together…just a thought, but I often see similarities between the names of the collections, overall theme and colorsJ))) 

So, couple of days ago I wrote about OPI gorgeous “Touring America” Fall collection.  
China Glaze is releasing Fall 2011 collection called “Metro”, dedicated to New York in July.

china glaze metro collection 2011

Although different in many ways, both collections have a lot of interesting “earthy” shades worth looking at closer.
Overall, Metro Collection will include 12 shades.
2 glitters:
 - Skyscraper (swatches are here)
 - CG In the City 
3 shimmers:
 - Loft-y Ambitions
 - Midtown magic (swatches are here)
 - Trendsetter (swatches are here)
7 crème nail polishes:
 - Urban Night
 - Traffic Jam
 - City Siren
 - Brown Tone
 - Street Chic
 - Concrete Catwalk(swatches are here)
 - Westside Warrior(swatches are here)

china glaze metro fall 2011

Some of the shades are pretty ordinary for me, but I definitely look forward top see Skyscraper, CG in the City, Trendsetter (amazing mustard shade), Westside warrior and Brownstone closer:))