Wednesday, March 2, 2011

China Glaze Tronica Swatches - Laser Lime and Gamer Glam

China Glaze Tronica collection is stunning. I wish I could get my hands on more colors, but by the time I got to the beauty salon most of the shades have already been sold out.
Ebay sellers  have unreasonably high prices on these nail polishes and limited selection of colors.
I guess Tronica collection is inspired by recent Tron: Legacy movie, because most of the polishes have cyber-names like digital dawn or techno teal among the others. Frankly speaking, this is the first time I want to buy all 12 colors, usually I buy only 1 or 2 from the particular collection.

I was lucky enough to get Laser Lime and Gamer Glam. And I'm slightly obsessed about getting Digital dawn and High Def:)

Laser Lime is very similar to L8R G8R from OMG!. It's a little less holographic, but still very pretty. I would say, Laser Lime has more metallic finish.

laser lime swatch

china glaze laser lime swatches and review

Gamer Glam is gentle sparkly holo violet.

china glaze gamer glam swatches and review

china glaze tronica gamer glam swatch

I wish this collection was not a limited edition and could be found not only in limited beauty salons and Sally's Beauty Supply:((

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