Monday, October 3, 2011

Nails Inc. Autumn Collection Swatches

I grabbed this wonderful set of 4 nail polishes along with the magnetic nail polish at Sephora.

I absolutely love all the shades; they are very earthy and amazing for fall and winter. I wouldn’t say that the shades are very unique, except Paddington, but they are definitely worth having in the collection.

The set includes:

- Fenchurch Street
- Paddington
- Charing Cross
- St. Pancras

Fenchurch Street is a burnt orange crème that reminds me of a pumpkin. I think it will be a very close dupe my beloved Ginger Bells from OPI (I will try to compare them later this week). This is my favorite from the Autumn Collection.

nails inc. fenchurch street

nail inc. fall 2011 fenchurch street swatches

Charing Cross is a bold red. Very bright and daring color. I would compare it with Revlon Fire or Illamasqua Alarm.

nails. inc. charing cross swatches

nails inc. charing cross

Paddington is the second favorite in this collection. It’s a very dark grey shade with the hints of green and blue at the same time. It reminded me of mineral mud. This shade continues this season’s trend  of earthy, dirty grey polishes.

paddington nails inc. swatches

nails inc. fall 2011 paddington swatch

St. Pancras – weird name for the nail polish…don’t know exactly why…but sounds weird. It’s a deep burgundy –wine color; very pretty and pigmented. 

nails inc. st. pancras swatches

nails inc. st. pancras

Overall, I think that this set is interesting. Although the colors are not necessarily unique, the combination of them is very trendy and definitely appropriate for fall.

P.S. I happened to have 2 similar sets, so I will give out one of those. 
Stay Tuned!!


  1. Nice swatches! Paddington is one I would wear.

  2. Thalie,
    I absolutely love Fenchurch street because it reminds me so much of Ginger Bells:) But I agree, Paddington is a very nice color:)