Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kleancolor Fuschia Holo

Happy Pink Wednesday Everyone!

This Wednesday I’m wearing OPI Sparrow Me Drama and KleanColor Fuschia Holo.

I know, I know…I also showed Sparrow Me Drama last week…but the Fuschia made this pink completely unrecognizable, so it doesn’t count:)

Fuschia Holo has a magenta base and holographic glitter in red, yellow pink and some blue. Absolutely lovely holo for pink lovers.

kleancolor fuschia holo over opi sparrow me drama

kleancolor fuschia holo swatches

kleancolor fuschia holo for pink wednesday manicure


  1. I love the effect of this polish,it's the one KleanColor holo I MUST have! :-D

  2. Very pretty color! ♥

  3. Great combination, love the colours!

  4. I bought a few of these chunky holos from Kleancolor but I haven't really had a chance to play around with them. This is a cute combo!

  5. Gypsy,
    Kleancolor Holo glitters are really cool. This is not my favorite one, but it is definitely worth having:)