Monday, May 9, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter Swatches with Various Nail Polishes

Silver Shatter is my new obsession. I love it sooo much…and I was wrong when I said it will not look well with light crèmes. It does look much better with the light base.

I experimented a little bit this weekend with different colors that I have, because I’m still waiting for my Pirates of Caribbean polishes to come:(

I hope it will be useful to those of you who still hesitate to buy Silver Shatter or not, or who just wants to see how it looks with different colors.

Here we go.

OPI silver shatter swatches and review

From thumb to pinky: 
- OPI por Favor
- Revlon Fire
- Revlon Peachy
- Parlez-vous OPI?
-Suzi skies in the Pyrenees

OPI silver shatter polish with various nail polishes

From thumb to pinky:
- BUTTER London Minger
- OPI Fiercely Fiona
- KO Liberty
- POP Baby Blue
- Butter London Macbeth

OPI silver shatter crackle with different nail polishes

From thumb to pinky:
- Essie merino Cool
- Revlon Pawder Puff
- Illamasqua Milf
- China Glaze Secret Peri-wrinkle
- OPI Tickle my France


  1. OMG -the silver shatter just looks amazing over ANYTHING!!

  2. I love this! Read about it recently and didn't know if I should get it - thanks for convincing me! My favourite has to be how it looks with Revlon Peachy in the first pic.

  3. FOREVER 92, yeah...Silver Shatter is amazing. It's much more interesting than black one.
    Leila, my favorite is Baby Blue one:)

  4. forever 92, agree - silver shatter is much more interesting than black shatter:)

    Leila, my favorite is Baby Blue one.