Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Just got my hands on the 2 fabulous nail polishes from Nfu Oh. Unfortunately the distribution network of this brand sucks:( From what I was able to find, only FabulouStreet sells it. Besides a lot of amazing shades are sold out, like my highly desirable #51 from "Flakies" collection.
I've bought holographic #62 and #49 Flakies.

#62 is the most troublesome nail polish I have ever had. I read that it should be applied with Aqua base from Nfu oh, but I though it wouldn't be such a problem, so I didn't order it. 
I tried my standard Essie base coat I always use, but it was a nightmare.The coverage was uneven and with colorless spots. So I tried to use it without  base coat at all. It worked out, but the shine in the day light was not intense.
nfu oh duochrome swatch

Overall it is the brightest Holo I've had...SH Prism or CG  are far far behind. 
I will order Aqua base and compare the effect and coverage.

#49 - is a pink-orange flakie with hint of green under certain light. it's totally amazing, but a lot depends on the base color . I used Essie Angora Cardi as a base. Overall, it gives a thick coverage and dries slowly...but the result definitely worth it:)
nfu oh flakie 49

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