Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dupe Day: OPI The Amazing Spiderman Collection vs. Chanel


After reviewing OPI the Amazing Spiderman mini set, I instantly thought of comparing Just Spotted the Lizard with Chanel Peridot. But when I swatched Number One Nemesis it also reminded me of Chanel Graphite.

Just Spotted the Lizard and Peridot are both copper-green multi-chrome nail polishes. After comparing them side by side, I can’t see much difference in color. They are both equally vibrant. The formulas of these 2 polishes are very close. The polish is on the thinner side and dries quickly. I would recommend using 2-3 coats.

chanel peridot dupe opi just spotted the lizard comparison

opi just spotted the lizard chanel peridot comparison

chanel peridot and opi just spotted the lizard dupe comparison

Number One Nemesis and Graphite are also very close dupes. Graphite has colder undertones, whereas Number One Nemesis has gild glitter dust in it. In the natural light only slight difference shows. In terms of formula, Graphite is more pigmented, so only 2 coats are enough for the full opacity. Number One Nemesis is sheer and 3 coats are required to get the coverage you see in the pictures. I would also say that Graphite is more “grainy”, that I don’t really like, so overall the OPI formula is better.

chanel graphite and opi number one nemesis comparison

chanel graphite and opi number one nemesis dupe comparison

Verdict: If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on Chanel polishes, OPI the Amazing Spiderman is a great substitute in terms of color dupes and quality.


  1. Thanks for the comparisons!! I have both the OPIs and I love them!

  2. Great post! I don´t have these OPIs yet, but they do look great!

  3. Wow, thanks for the comparisons. Those certainly are similar!