Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aphrodisiac by Wonder Beauty Products

Hi Ladies,
Today I’m showing you Aphrodisiac by Wonder Beauty Products. I’m seriously starting to get antsy to pick up some other polishes from this Etsy store. They are all uniquely gorgeous. Just in case you missed the review of Crotch Rocket, another polish I’ve got from WBP, you can check it here.

Aphrodisiac is a subtle mint jelly base with gold, orange, turquoise, silver glitter. It also has golden shimmer that creates the effect of iridescence.

This nail polish is jelly and thus sheer. I applied 2 coats to get the full opacity. It seems to me that the mix in the bottle is slightly different from the polishes sold in a jar. I didn’t see orange glitter in the pictures of the latter, but I think it actually adds a hint of spice to the “potion”.

aphrodisiac nail polish swatches and review by wonder beauty products

aphrodisiac by wonder beauty products