Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fishnet Manicure with Zoya Bevin

Hi Ladies,

Some time ago I bought striping tape for nail art on eBay (here). It’s inexpensive and you can make a lot of interesting geometric designs using it. I bought 12 rolls of different colors for 3$.
So, in upcoming weeks you will see me posting some nail art using striping tape once in a while 

As a base I used Zoya Bevin from True Collection. It’s a beautiful dusty baby blue with grey undertones.

The tape I used is black with the prism effect that you can see on some of the pictures.


  1. Bevin is very beautiful and I like the fishnet manicure you did :)

    1. Thank you loving this, must give the tape a try out

    2. Susan,
      it is surprisingly easy to make:) Give it a try!