Friday, May 25, 2012

Nails Inc. Spitafields with Fishnet Magnet

I couldn’t pass by this nail polish, mostly because of the new fishnet magnet.

Spitafields is a metallic green magnetic nail polish. Nothing very special in particular for me personally. A lot of the brands came up with the more diverse color palette for magnetic polishes than Nails Inc. On the other hand, the quality of Nails Inc. magnetic polishes is superb. The application doesn’t require dark base, because the polish itself is opaque enough. 1 coat is all you need to get this effect.

Fishnet magnet is super cool, I haven’t seen similar patterns in any other magnetic polish collections. It is also surprisingly easy to work with. It is a little hard to photograph and in reality the effect looks much prettier and more defined than in these pictures.

nails inc. spitafields fishnet magnet swatches and review

nails inc. spitafields with fishnet manget nail polsih swatch

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  1. I love this effect, it's the first one I've seen with this magnet. Super cool. Thanks for sharing.